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Fenomen polityzacji buddyzmu w XXI wieku

Buddyzm jako narzędzie budowania ideowej tożsamości narodu w Birmie (Mjanma) i na Sri Lance oraz realizowania polityki zagranicznej w kontekście współzawodnictwa indyjsko-chińskiego w Azji. ~Autor: Piotr Kłodkowski Buddyzm, w ...

Thailand’s rebel female Buddhist monks defying tradition

‘I’m going to overcome this obstacle and become ordained like I’ve always wanted,’ says Boodsabann Chanthawong​, one of hundreds of women donning the saffron robe. Athit Perawongmetha​ follows their journey from novice devotee to ordained monk. ...

Dalai Lama apologises for comments about women

The Dalai Lama has apologised for controversial comments about the possibility of a woman succeeding him. Speaking to the BBC last month, the Tibetan spiritual leader said that any future female Dalai Lama should be "attractive". He had been ...

Pacifists no more: Militant Buddhism is on the march in Sri Lanka

As the tectonic plates of Buddhism and Islam collide around the world, some monks feel they have no choice but to turn to nationalism to protect themselves. The Buddhist abbot is sitting cross-legged in his monastery, fulminating against the ...

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